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Classical Massage

It's no secret that the classic massage can in some sense replace trips to the doctors. Its therapeutic effect today no one dares to challenge. By mechanical impact on different areas of the body can bring substantial benefits to the body. With this procedure, you can diagnose and treat many diseases. It is especially necessary for those who suffer disruption of the locomotor system, nervous system, blood circulation. In addition, massages contribute to the normalization of metabolism and general fastening fitness.

There are some basic techniques that govern any master making classic massage. It starts usually by pats to prepare the muscles for further exposure, heat them properly. The wizard then proceeds to vigorous rubbing, which are carried out with his hands, fists and palms ribs. This technique helps to properly disperse the blood, relax the clenched muscles and nerves. One of the most complex and efficient movement of massage is kneading. Does it with thumb and forefinger, which capture and slightly stretch the muscle to perform this movement is necessary only after preliminary training muscles, otherwise you can harm them and cause painful y massaged. Another effective and pleasant massage techniques is the vibration produced by the fingers, hands or with his fists.

As a result of these actions occur muscle contractions leading to their relaxation. Fabrics are enriched with oxygen, and the blood properly dispersed throughout the body. All this helps to relax the body and improve the general condition. However, it should be noted that in a case like classical massage, it is important to trust yourself in the hands of true professionals. The only way to be sure of its therapeutic effect.

In addition to the physical effects on the body is very important emotional connection between the performer and massaged. You can not just go to the office and start to perform monotonous learned techniques. It is very important to reach out to the customer. That is why in our lounge basic postulate is possible to pay attention to everyone who ordered the service. Our skilled workers are not only own the professional massage technique, but also create an atmosphere of relaxed brilliantly and trust. Next to them, time flies, you forget about all the problems.

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