Are you 18 years old?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any age limit for visiting your paradise?
Our divine nymphs deliver a fabulous pleasure for any visitor who is 18 years old

2. What should I do  with my  underwear during a massage?
Erotic massage - a skillful masseuse naked effect on your body. And since it does not disregard the slightest corner on your body, it is recommended to remove underwear.

3. When time is start counting?
Select programs, go with the girl in the massage room, and at this point begins the countdown)

4. How do I choose a girl?
You can choose the girl by photo, or came directly to us in the salon, so get acquainted with all the masseuses live)

5. I am a little embarrassed that as a result of strong excitation, I'll start pestering girlfriend ...
You should not worry, and fully trust our girls! The final stage of the erotic massage is exactly your complete relaxation, and our girls really try hard that you do not leave us nervous, irritable or frustrated with feeling of incompleteness. Accordingly, we expect on adequate behavior on your part. We will arrange you the euphoria that you want to repeat it again and again)))

6. Can I take a session with the masseuses at my home or elsewhere?
- Our hot girls perform erotic massage on our and your territory. Just tell me about it, and soon you will already be able to enjoy the beautiful erotic massage in the place where you are more comfortable.

7. How can I be sure of confidentiality by visiting your salon?
In our salon clients confidentiality is emphasized. Communication, movement and general all stay within the walls of our mysterious erotic massage salon occurs as gently as possible and confidential.

8. What is the probability of disease of skin and venereal diseases during a massage?
Almoust zero. In the whole house maintains maximum purity, linen uses disposable or sterile. Before each session, all the girls and guests are sure to take water treatments (shower, bath, jacuzzi). Our girls are very carefully monitor their health regularly undergo preventive medical examinations and pass all the required tests. Without reference to their full health they simply are not allowed to work. Remember that we do not have an intimate salon and risk something sick much lower.

9. Is there a limit on the amount of ero-relaxations during eromassazha hour program?
Every person is different and therefore each has its own possibilities of the organism. We have never limited our guests in the number of relaxations, and therefore surcharges for the second and subsequent relaxation we have)

10. Is it true that erotic massage and sex - it's the same thing?
No, they are completely different processes. Most people mistakenly perceive traditionally erotic massage as an integral part of sexual pleasures. Our girls you prove that massage in their performance may be even better than sex.

11. Can I for any reason to extend the session?
Any program you have selected, you can extend for 30 minutes, for an hour, and more. How much as you wish). The cost will depending of the selected program.

12. What is erotic massage and how it is done?
Erotic massage for men is unique in that it combines several techniques. The whole procedure begins with a relaxing and warm up your muscles with the help of the classic relaxing massage. After that, she goes to the erotic part, during which using special massage oil, all his body, chest, belly, hands, ass, girl glides across your body, thus bringing you to the highest point of pleasure.

13. Is it possible to Have Sex? Can I arrange for a fee with a girl? And if it a little bit?
We are Salon of erotic massage. Intimacy we excluded. STRICTLY. COMPLETELY. DEFINITELY. A little bit impossible too. The girl just will not agree, so you can not try)

14. Time of your salon
For the full comfort of visitors, our erotic massage salon offering their services around the clock. But to better prepare for your arrival very please first contact us and agree a visit. If you are suddenly going to be late or suddenly your plans change, we call on you without problems carry over to visit convenient for you. Even if you just can not sleep - call and come. We will be happy to help you.

15. What is erotic massage for two?
This is a specific type of massage that is done at the same time for two people who are already associate some kind of relationship. Now this kind enjoys great popularity. Usually this type of massage is done at the same time, two masseuses, but at the request of their customers can make man and woman. This type of massage is appropriate not only for couples but also for lovers. It will strengthen the feelings and allow to diversify intimate relationship. If you decide to come to us together with your partner, it will be the right decision and you will get unforgettable emotions and impressions!