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Complete Massage

Complete massages №1


Includes classic and erotic body massage + kisses from a girl on a man’s body))

When we go to the cinema, to great effect, wear the 3D glasses and the world on the other side of the screen gets closer and more real, three-dimensional characters, actions more revealing, explosions and special effects excite the blood in the veins - here it is full of thrills! The full effect of the presence, like all facets of reality revealed in front of you.


Approximately the same scheme works in a massage parlor, to experience the most exquisite pleasure, you need to become a full participant in the action. It is important to not only take but also to give emotions. In this case, you will be able to approach the absolute harmony of body and soul. And the best way possible, it fits under the so-called complex massage, which includes both classical and erotic body massage, but with one significant addition! You will have the opportunity to fondle masseuse kisses and touching her beautiful body.

(1 hour 15 minutes) 900 UAH



Complete massages №2

But that's not all, by paying a small amount, you get a great bonus of pleasant and gentle kisses from the masseuse, and thus "voluptuous dance" will involve both parties. Nothing helps to relieve the negative load, massage with sultry beautiful girl that will help you get rid of all the accumulated negative. This is exactly the relaxing procedure that will want to return again and again, because it is in a format people can truly relax and lose absolutely all the negative experience.

(1 hour 15 minutes) 1 200 UAH

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