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Massage for man

Массаж для мужчин

Monotonous days in the hated office, tired of everything - work, the same weekday and people with gray eyes. Daily routine ingrained into the skin hurts and tormented soul. You need to relax - URGENT! For a few hours to relax and immerse in the realm of pleasure, this is one way to do! Reset heavy load under which you literally sag to the ground. There is always a solution, in a situation like a magic wand will make massage for men!


Beautiful and at the same time experienced masseuses are well aware of our salon, at which point the male body to press so you can feel better. This is a special system that is suitable only representatives of a strong half of mankind. Our masseuses with just a few touches will turn from stressful strong your body into a soft and flexible. You will feel the care of these gentle and warm and pleasant hand that allow to reset all the negativity that surrounds you, which accumulated for months and even years. This is the best discharge for the male body, feeling like you can not experience anywhere else.


In addition, once visited our salon, you can easily become our regular customer, because such satisfaction you will not get anywhere else. Your body is soft, like a luxurious velvet and appear inside the feeling that you are the most healthy and strong people on the planet without any health problems. Just one massage!


Just do it, and a new palette of emotions overwhelm you to the brim, and views of the world will go to has a different angle, brighter and more enjoyable.

 Classic massage (30 min) 700 uah
Classic Massage (1 hour) 900 uah
Complete Massage #1 (1 hour) 1 500 uah
Mini VIP (1 hour 30 min) 1 500 uah
VIP Massage #1 (1 girls, 2 hours) 2 500 uah
VIP Massage #2 (2 girl, 2 hours) 3 500 uah
Massage Delivery (1 hour) 1 500 uah
Massage Overnight (8 hours) 8 000 uah