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Main Programs

 Classic massage (30 min) 700 uah
Classic Massage (1 hour) 900 uah
Complete Massage (1 hour) 1 500 uah
Mini VIP (1 hour 30 min) 1 500 uah
VIP Massage #1 (1 girls, 2 hours) 2 500 uah
VIP Massage #2 (2 girl, 2 hours) 3 500 uah
Massage Delivery (1 hour) 1 500 uah
Massage Overnight (8 hours) 8 000 uah

The philosophy of eroticism
Erotic massage - is not only a great way to relax, restore physical and emotional tone, exquisite pleasure of refined eroticism, it is in fact an entire philosophy. After a massage in general and erotic massage in particular - the oldest and also the finest inventions of mankind. On the art of massage composed entire treatises and Talmud, opened a variety of schools and create entire direction and flow massage.

Our cozy salon erotic massage Moulin Rouge has embodied the best traditions of this ancient art and has collected all the best from experience.
In our salon offers an unforgettable experience! Our masseuses with the appearance of the models and the ability of professionals will guide you across the raging sea of ​​pleasure, you will always remember this unusual but effective health treatment in conjunction with eroticism.

The best erotic massage salon in Kiev Moulin Rouge around the clock seven days a week and offers a variety of programs and types of erotic massage, ready to satisfy the most refined and demanding tastes and preferences. Divine nymph of the interior of Kiev have excellent skills of this ancient art, and their delicate curly slim body will not leave anyone indifferent.
Body massage - a great service from the salon Moulin Rouge! The perfect ending of a hard day or a busy working week. This is a complete rejuvenating rest your body and soul! The cozy interior, soft music, charming naked girl massage your body, returning it vivacity and lightness. What could be better? Body massage is very effective in terms of recovery and prevention of vigor of mind and body, has a very positive effect on the muscles and ligaments, improves blood circulation, stimulates the nervous system, gives a psychological confidence.

Complete massage (and its variants) from the best erotic massage salon in Kiev Moulin Rouge - is something quite indescribable! It combines several variants of classic and erotic massage. Moreover, a complete massage allows us to respond girl reciprocated, you can also touch and fondle the girl you like, many men will experience again, perhaps slightly almost forgotten feeling when the female breast trembles with emotion at male hand ... One option involves the gentle massage of the complex, but kissing madly tightening masseuses. That is, the naked girl model looks caresses and kisses all your body tortured daily routine and constant stress. Complete massage includes several species that are perfect for all occasions even the most capricious visitor.

VIP massage №1. The name of the erotic sacrament speaks for itself. Just imagine an hour ago, you have stayed in a noisy office, or driving a car broke through the neural tube, or were difficult negotiations with business partners, or what could be honest, experienced another scandal in the family, but just after half an hour or an hour you go down to the hot tub filled to the brim around flickering candles, you have in hand a glass of alcoholic beverage a light, charming girl (which, by the way, you choose yourself) under the soft music striptease performed exclusively for you. And soon disappear far away many of the problems and irritation of the failed transaction, or an unpleasant conversation, and family quarrels immediately seem trifling and easily solvable. You are a complete master of his position. But that is not all! After a hot tub, wine and striptease, she drags you in the massage room, where immediately begins an erotic massage. But this is, recall, VIP massage, that is, the girl doing massage his naked body, and at the same time gentle and passionate kisses and caresses your body, which is, of course, already feeling much better than a couple of hours ago. VIP massage also allows the gentle touch and caress the girl, which is certainly very much, and to the girl.

VIP massage №2. It would seem that nothing can come up with more sophisticated and sensual. But it is not so! VIP massage №2 - is the next level of enjoyment! In principle, the program is almost the same as the VIP massage №1, but increases the time of the session, and instead of a girl, you will have two pleasing! That is, once the two girls will massage you with their elastic bodies and showered with kisses! Believe me, it is impossible to forget. In addition, two women also show lesbian show that will not leave anyone indifferent spectator. Especially since you're the only spectator.

Massage for couples №1. Excellent service for couples from erotic massage salon Moulin Rouge. The fact that such procedures do give couples an established relationship novelty and a bright burst of emotion. The very same procedure includes classic massage and body massage, which is done by two nude girls married couple, sitting on a bed.

Massage for couples №2. This service provides all that is in the massage for couples №1, and additionally, you can touch and enjoy the touch to the body masseuse. Also there is the possibility of replacing the girl masseuse at him.
Massage for ladies from the boy. Long gone are the days when surround himself with beautiful naked bodies of the opposite sex were permitted largely to men. History has preserved only a few mentions of Catherine the Great and Cleopatra, who were not averse to fool around with strong male bodies. But not all ladies can become queens and empresses, and sensitive, gentle, mysterious inner world of women in today's world of hard, often remains deeply unsatisfied. No doubt, the best erotic massage salon in Kiev Moulin Rouge is always concerned about the beautiful state of health and physical vigor of our lovely ladies! In our salon true ladies always find encouragement and comfort in the strong but gentle and reliable male hands. Our young men masseurs are able to handle the delicate female body. First lady razogreyut classic massage, cheer tired muscles, blood is dispersed throughout the body, razomnut skin, and then ... Ladies, come, do not regret it!

Erotic massage salon for the ladies from the Moulin Rouge - is the choice of an independent self-confident woman.
Massage is an art - erotic - is intuition and philosophy. Erotic massage salon Moulin Rouge was able to combine the these concepts and achieve a perfect harmony.