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Salon of erotic body massage for woman and men

Salon of erotic body massage for woman and menErotic body massage in Moulin Rouge salon becomes the solution of all these problems. In our salon of erotic massage you will be able to distract from problems, and to plunge into the world of pleasures. Charming girls of our salon of massage by means of the gentle touches will make to you unforgettable erotic massage and will bring you to a true relaxation.

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Presentation massage salon "Moulin Rouge"


Erotic body massage for men

Erotic body massage for men

For a strong and elastic manʼs body, female touches and caresses always were, is and will be a charge of energy and a pleasure source.

Erotic massage for the men is a true relaxation, after all the remarkable, slender and beautiful girl who the velvet and gentle skin will experience all sections on a body of the man will touch it.

Massing the fine breast, an elastic bottom and a tummy a courageous and strong body of the man, our girl masseur will give unearthly pleasure.

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Woman erotic body massage

The body of the girl needs caresses and gentle touches, also as well as a body of the man. Girls possess powerful internal energy which should be released that it would become even more. To forget about daily cares, problems and affairs erotic massage for the girl will help.

You will be able to reach pleasure peak when you will surround with attention, caresses and touches warm and gentle hands of our girl of the masseur, or strong, but in too time tender hands of our young man.

During erotic massage, you will feel extremely sexual and attractive, and having reached a sheer pleasure, to you will flow a charge of forces, and powerful energy.

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Erotic massage for couples (two)


Erotic massage for couples (two)Two loving people, often look for new feeling and the reasons what to love each other even more strongly. Erotic massage for couple, will allow partners to open new sides in the relations and to reach incredible ecstasy at the same time. Our professional masseurs will help you and to your half completely to relax, massing each muscle, you will feel improbable pleasure.

Our magicians masseurs will force your body and each its section to become impregnated with sexual exciting energy. Having reached peak of excitement and inflow of forces, beautiful girls leave you alone with your partner …

After erotic massage for couples, the wave of rough emotions will gush over you, you will open in your partner new sides and you will become still closer to each other.  Order massage for coupels


Erotic massage at home


Erotic massage at homeYou want to plunge into the sea of unforgettable pleasures and a full relax from erotic massage? But, your status or impossibility completely to relax in an unfamiliar situation doesn’t allow arriving on erotic massage to salon? Then erotic massage at home, will be in the ideal way to relax and plunge into the ecstasy sea.

Our excellent girls masseurs will make to you the best erotic massage at home. Girls will be able to find the most sensitive places on your body, their pleasant and gentle touches will delight you, having turned your body into a continuous erogenous zone.

When the master of massage will be doing, erotic massage at home, girls’ divine bodies will bring you to the highest point of pleasure.

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The lesbian show with erotic girls


The lesbian show with erotic girlsYou can embody your dreams in reality, watching the lesbian show between two beautiful and incredibly girls. Two young erotic girls will gently caress each other and to give unimaginable excitement, you will be able not only to watch at this unforgettable lesbian show, but also to take part in enchanting representation.

Feel as two girls will give you pleasure by the erotic show, while doing you fantastic massage. What can be finer than sexy young and erotic girls who bring each other to pleasure peak? This erotic representation will fill you with magic energy and sexuality, and your imaginations become reality.








Advantages of erotic massage in Moulin Rouge salone


Advantages of erotic massage in Moulin Rouge saloneIn our salon you receive the best erotic massage; you feel all subtleties of the highest pleasure. Beautiful erotic girls, who will bring you indisputable pleasure work for us, will help to relax, and to be filled with the new force and energy.

Our girls master of massage are always well-groomed, from them blows as female sexuality and beauty, they are gentle and kind to all clients. In salon of erotic massage “Moulin Rouge” always sterile purity, fantastic atmosphere and benevolent personnel. And also our salon, works 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

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How to order erotic massage

In fact it is very simple!

We need to agree a visit time to the salon via:

online chat (Live Help)

order form

call to us


Arriving at the salon, you choose to place masseuses (or even two), and then select a program, which differ slightly in length and intensity.
To order masseuses to leave enough also simply call the salon!

Our girls will gladly tell you all about the best erotic massage in Kiev, and will record at the right time for you.


Exquisite sacrament service


Exquisite sacrament serviceComing to the Moulin Rouge Salon, you can absolutely no doubt: this visit will remain in your memories for a long time, as one of the most charming erotic adventure ..

Erotic ... This word does not leave anyone indifferent for many centuries. But in the salon Moulin Rouge, thanks to the great experience and bold experimentation, sensuality has become an art form that is doing great master!

A wide selection of girls-masseuses model appearance and elastic body making it a distinct taste of even the most sophisticated and demanding visitors. But their ability to carry out massages his bronze slender body is fierce delight every visitor.

And of course, erotic massage salon Moulin Rouge thinly adheres to the full range of all the nuances of a wonderful holiday - the maximum comfort to the full anonymity.




Prices of erotic massage

 Our prices of erotic massage wonʼt be compared to that pleasure and unearthly pleasure which you derive for this money. After all that pleasure which you find in our salon, you will be similar to paradise on the earth.

Cost of our services:

Classic massage for men 30 min 700 UAH
Complete Massage #1 (1 hour) 1 500 UAH
Mini VIP (90 min) 1 800 UAH
VIP 2 (hours) 2 500 UAH
Massage overnight 8 000 UAH



Guarantees from the Moulin Rouge


high level of service

comfortable interior

sterile cleanliness

privacy policy

romantic shower cocktail

light alcoholic beverages

a wide choice of programs

skilled naked girls


Advantages of erotic massage before buying sexual services


Advantages of erotic massage before buying sexual servicesMany wonder: why do we need an erotic massage? And how is it different from the provision of sexual services? Maybe it's the same thing?

First, in the salon of erotic massage is completely absent even a hint of tint criminal activity, which is very important for the Moulin Rouge salon that cares about its reputation. It also means that all personnel receive regular medical examination in a room maintained almost sterile cleanliness, and the massage is also an important component of wellness, because first of all, it's still just a medical procedure.

Secondly, it is completely eliminated the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or other sexually transmitted diseases, because no sexual contact in the interior walls does not occur, although the visitors and get a full physiological relaxation. Conversely, whatever the well-groomed appearance "call girl" full guarantee of purity of her body can not be.

Third, hard work for wear girls call necessarily affects the appearance and morale. In contrast, the Moulin Rouge salon masseuse always cheerful and fresh, and in addition to directly massage treatments, and they can keep the conversation with the visitor when it suits him.

Fourth, using paid sex services in services, usually a man is called a "quick celebrates sexual need." Well, in a massage parlor masters will conduct the most thorough care of your body, it will warm, will conduct massages, give him a powerful positive emotions.

Fifthly, it is price, where do today without it. In the salon of erotic massage for less money you will spend time in a much more comfortable situation, believe me.



Features of Moulin Rouge


With 7 years of experience in the functioning of the cabin, we have tried to create the most comfortable establishment, relying on the opinions and wishes of visitors:












professional masseuse






to leave












the longest massage

is performed
6 hours



the maximum number of masseuses,

performing simultaneously one session 6



Tricks on a pole can not be compared with the pleasure of erotic massage

Tricks on a pole can not be compared with the pleasure of erotic massageStriptease is certainly fine. But compared with the erotic massage even he fades. The fact that you can only watch a stripper, sometimes from afar. No physical contact is not allowed. At that time, as in a massage, beautiful naked girl touches to you (and very active), and you to it. And you can breathe in the smell of her skin, hair. You can enjoy a touch of the velvety soft skin.

Body massage is a confidential procedure, no one will know about your hobby. This will completely relax in a comfortable environment and get aesthetic and erotic pleasure, is also extremely favorable effect on the general state of the organism.

A session of erotic massage is much better than even private strip dance. Dance stripper - it's still only a visual delight, unlike eromassazha which always ends stormy finale.

But the appearance and shape of the cabin masseuses in no way inferior to dancers of different clubs. In addition, they constantly train your body and take care of him, in that you can easily make sure to visit the beautiful cozy lounge Moulin Rouge.

Do not forget that still the main task of the strippers - this is the "roll out" of each visitor to the maximum additional cost that is completely ruled out in the salon of erotic massage Moulin Rouge.



Common features classical and erotic massage



Both types require knowledge of massage
physiology of the human body.



Only the classic massage
It is aimed primarily at the improvement of the body,
although it can also be quite pleasant procedure.


Erotic massage
It is clearly sexual orientation
and its main task to deliver
You will enjoy an enchanting.



Moulin Rouge is primarily erotic, comfort and privacy


Moulin Rouge is primarily erotic, comfort and privacyErotic massage it is a delicate phenomenon, which is not necessarily distributed. This exquisite mystery of which only you know, and beautiful stranger-masseuse.
Inside, the Moulin Rouge categorically ruled out any surveillance or simply disseminating information without the consent of the visitor. Visiting hours interior and architecture of the premises agreed upon in such a way that visitors are never found in the walls of the institution (except visit a couple or a company), well, the girls' suffering professional amnesia ", that is, they completely forget the names and appearance of the visitors immediately after the session.

Erotic massage salon Moulin Rouge - is a magical place where you are exposed to erotic massage, you will know all the nuances of a beautiful sensual nirvana ... Here you surprised to discover that the beautiful girl find new erogenous zones on your body, which you never knew existed!
Come! Call us! You will not regret!



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At the order of a session erotic body massage:

  • to all men absolutely free of charge beer glass
  • to all girls as a gift wine glass
Customer feedback
Satisfied Visitor

Thanks a lot for the best erotic massage I?ve ever got!


Hello nice to hear on the phone that correspond to the English! very nice place, we have another like it. Next time will come again. Thank you!


Thanks for your club. everything was just fine. new interior just wonderful. nice, cozy, relax.


Hello!! I came here yesterday. everything just fine. girls divine, gentle, polite. his trip to the next must come to you!!!


Greetings from Sweden! You are divine!


you are wonderful. it was a little scary to go, still a foreign country. but we are absolutely afraid of nothing. and vseretili, and then called a taxi and spent. girls are babes, prsoto model. I do massage is divine! cheerful and friendly. sorry that it's time uezdzhat (((


Alexa is wonderful.
No way to speak each other in one single english word, but we communicate a lot.
Hope to see her again.


Visited with a friend. Had a little trouble finding it due to neither of us knowing Russian well.
The very sweet lady working there came out to meet us in the cold. That was very kind.
I had a massage from the sweetest girl I may have ever met. Blonde and thin and beautiful. I wanted to take her back to America with me.

The women here are all sweet and very pretty.


I have visited Moulin Rouge today, excellent massage with best girls. I send my kisses to Lilya, from her Mishka :) Hope to visit again.

Massage for pleasure

When you let give yourself some time to rest, it is good to relax and at the same time gain new energy after a hard working week, to relax from the daily humdrum routine, or just to make a feast for body and soul. Its for you warmly opens doors interior erotic massage Kiev "Moulin Rouge."

Lovely staff salon selects an individual program for each visitor according to his wishes, mainly to get rid of fatigue, relieve muscle tension, and even prevent depression. "Moulin Rouge" it is the salon generalist as massage services to girls, women and men. One of the most popular services is considered to be holding a salon of erotic massage at home.

Massage from a medical point of view, it is considered a uniform impact on different segments of the body, as a rule, it is the hands of a professional masseur. At the same time body massage quite complex physiological process, which dominates the central nervous system. In other words, a massage simply an indispensable tool for relaxation, pleasant sensations and even invaluable thing rejuvenation.

Erotic massage is not only a great tonic stimulant, but also has tremendous health benefits to all cells of the human body that can lead to a state of spirituality and balance. Charming fairy salon "Moulin Rouge" her soft fingers carefully will walk on your body is not deprived of the attention nor a single centimeter of your body, creating an organic whole body from head to toe.

Because of the diversity of species and areas of massage it is from the traditional therapeutic and anti-cellulite before, "Moulin Rouge" sings an erotic massage. Our showroom will allow you to immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the eastern eromassage sacrament, had the art to give the person complete relaxation and maximum enjoyment. "Moulin Rouge" will be for you that perfect haven for comfort, harmony and bliss. Only here you can get a great charge of positive feelings, throwing off all the accumulated negative, and the daily routine.

Creative ideas and talent of our girls allow you to experience the ecstasy of light and complete relaxation blend in harmony in body and soul. For your relaxation room "Moulin Rouge" has created a truly royal conditions. From tenderness and elegance to the languor and provocative.

In addition, the complex of massage treatments, our salon is treated individually to each guest. Different programs of erotic massage in the "Moulin Rouge" consist of different sets services can read more here. Everyone knows that erotic massage has excellent healing effect. It is he who gives excellent health, helps to improve the general condition and even prevents potential disease.

"Moulin Rouge" often offers a variety of activities in their devices. There are beautiful and a whirlpool bath with aromatic foam and bubbles, comfortable rooms with large beds. Massage is considered defective if it is done without aromatic agents, gels and various medicinal ointments.

Visiting the "Moulin Rouge", you will know for yourself how you can benefit from the maximum fine to spend a few hours, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience, the morning freshness, vivacity, and filled with joy.

If you do decide to stay at the "Moulin Rouge", then you and your friends, we can offer a wide range of different massages. This body massage, classic massage, erotic massage, holistic massage, VIP massage, massage for couples, massage for girls, lesbian show. Regardless of the selected program, the amount of relaxation is limited, and their duration lasts for one to two hours. Fascinating atmosphere, pleasant atmosphere, professional masseuses and first class service massage services allow you to find exactly what you've been looking for yourself. Our salon is sure, visiting at least once in our visit, you will return to us again and again.

Very popular in the "Moulin Rouge" erotic massage for couples. This specially selected different kinds of programs designed for young couples or just for couples. The main purpose of the data manipulation is not only in obtaining health and relaxing effect, but primarily in the revitalization of the senses. For high ratios are not sucked into a routine way of life, the purpose of massage salon all negative reduced to zero. Our lovely masseuse will explain that during a pair of erotic massage, interested partners to each other rises to new levels of development. This is a very sensible and effective means for updating a harmonious relationship.

Also, be aware and about his physical condition. "Moulin Rouge" - is the best solution for increasing muscle tone, but little physical activity will also be necessary and very useful. You can go on nature with friends, go to the theater, walk in the park, go round the sights of Kiev on a bicycle, etc.. No matter how developed the circumstances of life, we must not forget to pamper yourself. And if you live in Kiev, then such joy you can bring "Moulin Rouge." Pay attention, often listen to your heart, if you have a dream - to strive for it. A pair of erotic massage is recommended not to forget, because maybe that's exactly what you've always dreamed of, but could not afford to admit it. All kinds of recreation and exercise are also good, but taste the "Moulin Rouge" it is imperative, and the result will be seen almost immediately. Maybe, for the performance of all his daring desires better to visit him as often as possible. After all, the "Moulin Rouge" will give you pleasure.