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Thai massage

In recent years it becomes a very popular Thai massage, which allows you to maintain health better than any doctors. In fact, its history goes back more than two millennia, and it was created not in Thailand, as many are accustomed to thinking in India. Simply Thai culture has given a powerful impetus to the development of this type of massage, supplemented it. In Thailand, it has become a particular philosophy, and the technique was perfected. And today we can say without exaggeration that this is not only a massage, but the real magic. How else to explain the miraculous transformation that happens to a person after a session?

All Thai massage is based on a special breathing technique, which is owned by a performer. As a result, between him and massaged person establishes a special mystical relationship. It merges the Yin and Yang, the interaction and the harmony of opposites. Due to the energy exchange, a person gets a powerful surge of energy, getting closer to nature. The body begins to operate in accordance with the natural biorhythms. It is for these reasons that Thai massage is so useful - it returns to the origins of man, restores the balance between body and soul.

The main purpose of all techniques of Thai massage is to help the person to achieve harmony. It is the most effective way to relax, and then gain new energy. According to different techniques of Thai massage may differ, but the principle they have one - here are utilized energy centers. If you speak the language of images, massaged not so much the body as the soul. Acting on certain points, it is possible to exchange energy throughout the body. That this philosophy is expressed in Thai massage - it all starts with the energy, the main impact is on it. However, the physical body it gives a strong inflow of forces. A similar technique used in shiatsu and reflexology techniques, but they do implement the impact point, but the main advantage of Thai massage is a holistic approach.

Thai massage technique is pressing on certain points. This is done in the fingers and hands, as well as elbows and knees. This technique is very effective, because it allows to work on the whole body. This improves blood circulation, improving performance of the heart. In addition, muscle tissue and blood vessels is also extremely useful. After the massage the person feels as if dropped from the shoulders any unnecessary burdens for a long time its cargo. There is an unprecedented upsurge of strength and inspiration, I want to literally move mountains.
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