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How to choose a salon of erotic massage

So, you decide ... heard repeatedly about the unforgettable romantic feelings during a session of erotic massage, you have decided to visit the most beauty and romantic of all types of massage.
And then, as so often happens in life, there is a problem of choice. What salon choose? What criteria do exist quality erotic massage salon? Is it enough to know recommendations or reviews on the Internet? How had not to be mistaken in this, some delicate work?

We just say to you: Your decision is correct, and taking into account some of our recommendations, visit the salon turned into a beautiful unforgettable time.

First of all examine the interior of the selected site. Look necessarily customer reviews, rate photos, interior, location. Do not forget to pay attention to the site, its accuracy, ease of presentation of information literacy texts. And the presence of reviews on the site indicates the attention and respect of the administration to visitors.

Look closely pricing. All services must be indicated clearly, without complex mathematical calculations and with no hidden extra charges.

Pay special attention to the location of the salon, do not trust the institutions that are somewhere in abandoned industrial areas or dead end. But do not expect that salon - a luxurious palace. It is a decent salon erotic massage may be the apartment house.

And finally - just call there. Rudeness, irritability or fatigue sleeping (even if you call at 4 am) should alert you. A better interior still not attending, and go where you listen carefully and politely answer all the questions.

So, after studying salons and a telephone conversation with the administration you with a light heart and a pleasant mood arrive in a pleasing interior.

Any visitor to the massage parlor, barely crossed the threshold institution, usually immediately falls under the care and attention of the staff. A good sign is also nice executed interior, general cleanliness, unobtrusive lighting, relaxing music and no smell of food or household chemicals. And of course the appearance and courtesy of the staff should be on top.

One last tip: start with the most simple, the novice is not necessarily immediately ordered exotic services, and even in immodest quantities. A smooth transition from the simple to the complex, a few sessions you will feel the widest range of unforgettable sensual pleasures and erotic adventures.