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Just wondering, that your any messages included sex ?


Hello) No... our girls dont provide sex! But with such massage it simply won?t be necessary to you)) We are waiting for you))


Hello Katy, do you remember me? Franco are your Italian friend on Wednesday night. You were very good and I was fine. I'm sorry not to have called for you to come the next day, but I am a private pilot and passengers wanted to go first in Italy. I hope to come back soon and come back to you. A warm kiss.


Kisses to Kira

Здравствуйте Катя, ты помнишь меня? Франко ваш итальянский друг в ночь на среду. Вы были очень хороши, и я был прекрасен. Я сожалею, что не призывали к вам прийти на следующий день, но я частный пилот и пассажиры хотели пойти сначала в Италии. Я надеюсь, что скоро вернется, и вернется к вам.Теплый поцелуй.


Поцелуи с Кирой


Welcome to my dear friend! We were very, very pleased that you like our erotic massage parlor as well as our girls! Cyrus and Katy send you a huge hello and wait for you to visit!

Mr S

how far in advance must i book? can i just arrive and have a massage?


We welcome you! It would be better if you give us a call before coming in thirty minutes. For what would have been an empty seat. Come, we are waiting for you!


Visited with a friend. Had a little trouble finding it due to neither of us knowing Russian well.
The very sweet lady working there came out to meet us in the cold. That was very kind.
I had a massage from the sweetest girl I may have ever met. Blonde and thin and beautiful. I wanted to take her back to America with me.

The women here are all sweet and very pretty.


Hello We are very pleased that you liked us. You better for most of America priezdzhayte us for a massage. We are waiting for you to visit again and again.



Two friends and I are going to arrive Kieve soon. We want to prove this type of massages and we want to know if there is enough rooms in the apartmen to servig us at the same

One more thing, what it consists the "Massage To Leave"?

Thanks for the info and sorry about my English!


Hello! Our apartment has 5 rooms, so we can easily accommodate you and your friend at the same time. Massage away klassicheskogoy consists of parts of the erotic, touching with your hand and gentle kisses from the girls around your body. waiting for you!

Mr S

Your saloon looks great and I think I will visit it on the 7th afernoon.
I will probably go for a VIP massage.

Are the ladies on the Photos reel, approximately how many specialists do you have?
Is it beeter to come in the afternoon or night to have a more important choice of masseuse?
Do they speak English?

Thank you in davance for your response.


Hello! Our salon is truly one of the best in the city of Kiev. You have great taste, I f you choose this program. We assure you that have a wonderful time. Girls in our cabin a lot, every day, working 5.7 girls. As for the time, then there is unfortunately no way you soreintirovat as schools attendance is always different. We can advise you before coming to call on the phone and ask, what would you have for all the girls are free. Yes, some of the girls speak English, but even if a girl do not speak your language, body language to help you.


Alexa is wonderful.
No way to speak each other in one single english word, but we communicate a lot.
Hope to see her again.


Hello! Aleksa passes to you enormous hello! And certainly gratitude for warm words. And waits you in guests again!


Hello. Can you give height information for your ladies. I'm 173 cm, and would like to find which ones of them are 160-170 cm tall?


We welcome you! We have the girls are not very tall, depending on when you want to visit us, give us a call on the phone listed on the site where you will get all the information. We look forward to your visit!

dimos barboutas


i wil come in kiev and i want to visit the salon for massage . i wanna ask you if in the end of massage the girl offer oral finish or only finish with hand
Best regards


you are wonderful. it was a little scary to go, still a foreign country. but we are absolutely afraid of nothing. and vseretili, and then called a taxi and spent. girls are babes, prsoto model. I do massage is divine! cheerful and friendly. sorry that it's time uezdzhat (((


Hi, Tim! We are very pleased that you have enjoyed it. We also regret that our guests who visited us during the whole championship will soon leave. But we hope that, if you will have to visit our country, you will not forget about us! Have a nice trip!


Greetings from Sweden! You are divine!


Thank you very much! We are very pleased that you liked it!


Good afternoon. What is included in the VIP massage?


VIP massage, this type of massage that includes not only classic and erotic massage. You will witness an erotic show from our girls! And that was all on the highest level, you as a VIP visitor, it is believed as a gift bottle of chilled champagne and chocolate, which makes the situation more sensual and romantic! Also, this example program includes Aqua-foam massage. You spend a society with a girl in the foam vonnoy, sweet mermaid scrubs your body, caressing, stroking her body ... slip on your. Giving tender and at the same time very exciting experience. Flickering candles and soothing charms. Correct sequence of programs you can do. Coordinating it with a girl who will meet you or directly to the girls that you like. There is also a VIP massage with a girl that is missing Lesbian show. But all the other programs remain. Just after the massage she takes a shower with you. Scrubs your body, caressing, soothing and helping to wash away the remnants of the oil ... Gently wipe polotenichkom ... This program is specifically designed for true connoisseurs. We are waiting for you! You?ll love it! )))


Hello!! I came here yesterday. everything just fine. girls divine, gentle, polite. his trip to the next must come to you!!!


Hi, Max! Thanks for the nice words. We?ll be waiting for you!! See you soon!


Good day! I want to visit your salon. Tell me by what relaxation is attained? is there a way to achieve a blowjob?


Hi, Alex! No, this service does not provide our salon. Only a thrilling, unforgettable erotic massage. Relaxation is achieved by stimulating your intimate zones, the body of a girl .... Chest, popochkoy ... You will receive either an incomparable pleasure and assure you that not even notice the absence of such stuff ...))) You are welcome! You will not regret!


Do all the girls on the site, or is there a brand-new?)


Hello, Antoine! No, on this site are not all girls, we are constantly trying to please our guests with new girls. In the near future there will be more photos. In the meantime, you can come and get acquainted with the girls in person))) Be sure that you will not remain indifferent to our charmer)))


Hello! Tell me, I understand: prepay service "intimate affection" can fondle and kiss the girls, even in the most intimate places?


Hello! Yes, you?re absolutely right to get the idea))) .. We are waiting for you!)))


I would like to go to visit you, but since the first experience of this kind, I would like to clarify several nuances =). 1) How does the choice of girls? 2) Do you smoke during the long program? 3) Does the male orgasm during a massage? 4) Do I need to disclose in advance their intention to visit you? 5) Prior to the "long" program is a way to take a shower, because now it is hot outside, and do not want to be, not very friendly during the massage. Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hello, Mark! The choice of the girl is under two scenarios, you are coming for all the girls at once, or, if you feel uncomfortable, each separately. You will have the opportunity to get to know each girl and ask questions, if any. Yes, we can smoke, this is a specially designated place in the rooms we have smoking is prohibited, as curtains and furniture, and then saturate the smell of a guest who does not smoke is not pleasure, we hope for your understanding. Of course a man gets an orgasm, and perhaps two or three, in this regard we have no restrictions. Disclose in advance, even necessary, that there was no force majeure, and you will not have to wait. Before any program you are sure to take a shower, there were occasions when the guest was denied a massage because of its desire not to take a shower before the massage, our girls are very sensitive to their health, and on the streets can bring what ever bacteria. We hope our answer has helped you. We are waiting for you!


Thanks for your club. everything was just fine. new interior just wonderful. nice, cozy, relax.


Hello dear, Nick! We are very pleased that you liked it. We strive to provide our guests with maximum comfort! Come forward to seeing you!


Hello! Please tell us what it consists of a set program number 1 ... thank you.


Welcome! This program consists of classical massage (light sport), erotic (body massage, girl is the whole body of your slides, caressing), touches on your part (you can embrace the girl, kiss the private parts), and kisses from the girls (light kisses throughout the body except the groin area) are waiting for you! Did you enjoy your stay


Hello nice to hear on the phone that correspond to the English! very nice place, we have another like it. Next time will come again. Thank you!


Hi, Alex! We are very pleased that you have enjoyed it! We are waiting for you to look for a visit!


what is the price of one mistress for two hours in my apartment?


Hello respected! The cost of one o?clock of massage on departure makes 900 gn. The second hour will cost 800. And that 1700 turns out. We wait Your bell!


good afternoon. it was for you. what remarkable place. girls of khoshie!


Hello Respected! We are glad to give pleasure you! We wait you with new and with new! Before the quick meeting!


Hello! Who is the best Mistress among girls? Who realy like to humiliate men?


Hello! We would recommend you Aleksandru!Your mrs. waits you!


Only Erotic Massage ?? without Sex ??


Hello by a road, Mattis! Our salon of erotic massage does not give services of similar character. For us you can get an unmatched, high-quality erotic massage with the unlimited amount of relaxations! We wait you!


Do your girls perform massages at my appartment (Kiev center)?


Hello! Yes, our girls can arrive to you. For this purpose you need to call us and invite them to itself. We wait you!



You have a website in English, but do you have anyone who can take calls in English? I am interested in the massage services on offer but do not speak Russian or Ukranian so cannot book a session.