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Juergen Georg

As a huge massage fan I never visited a massage salon before. After all the positive reviews here, I decided to pay them a visit today ... and I can I can only agree. I have had a few massages before but nothing like this experience. I had 2 fantastic hours (VIP Package) wih Inna and I enjoyed every minute. When I come back I will certainly visit them again. Thank you very much - highly recommended.


Dear Juergen Georg)) Thank you for so pleasant words) When our guest so exited after massage - this is the best compliment for us) Inna regards you too and will be glad to see you next time)


I am American. We have massage salons, too, but nothing like this. I read the reviews and only half believed them. I have to say that everything is an understatement, this place is absolutely great and the girls that work there are much prettier and much nicer than I ever expected. I am going to hate going home.


Hi, Don))) We really glad that you had so great emotions about massage in our salon)
Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon) Kiss


It was the best thing I did whilst in Kiev. Very nice and very clean place with nice and friendly girls. Nice showers and massage rooms. Petty however was that the massage stopped as soon as the happy ending was there. So within an hour we were outside again. Anyway, worth the money and I will go back if I will visit Kiev again. (I ordered the 1300 package)


Hi , Dirk ) You can't imagine how much it means to us your kind words ) Thank you for generous reply ) We are pleased to welcome you to visit us again any time in the future)


Ouah! Un truc de fou ! Les gars c'est... inoubliable c'est sûr !
Very good moment with Kira thank you so much to her.
Walk, walk again, and find the Street, n°17 and you will never regreat!
See you!


Hi, dear) We're glad that you liked the massage from Kira) She will be glad to See you next time) Kisses


I was here for my first time and this was a very warm and professional welcome!
I picked a 2 hours massage including champagne and chocolate and shower. My masseuse was Milana and she was such a friendly and nice woman with a beautiful smile and great personality!
I would highly recommend this place for a nice and relaxing massage with a friendly atmosphere


Hi, Eric)) Thank you for so nice review) We realy glad you liked our salon) Milana is waiting for you )) Kisses


Thank you very much to Karina :) I think she is from another planet not this world :)


Hi, Aslan) Karina thanks to you for a so good words) We ll be glad to see you again)


Nice massage from lady Sasha. Thank you.


Hi, Misha) We glad that you liked massage from Sasha) We ll be glad to see you again) Our kisses))

John D

Hello, visiting next weekend. How much please for 90 minutes massage with 2 ladies? I'd like the kisses too and to be able to touch my masseuse...and can I finish more than once??


Hi, John) The best pgogram we can propose you - VIP massage 1,5 hour - strip-show, classic, erotic massage, your oppinion to touch girl s body, sweet kisses to your body and shower with the girls) 2200 grivnas. You can finish so many times as you can) We ll be glad to see you ) Kisses


can we touch or kiss the girls? thank you


Hi, Alper) Yes, you can touch all the girls body until massage in proggrams from 800 per 1 hor, If you want to kiss and touch girls body - this option includes in programs from 1100 uah) We ll be glad to see you)


Hello. I will visit your salon next week. I want to ask a question before coming. May the masseuse rub my penis between her breasts or hips? Is it possible to ejaculate on breasts or other parts of the body? Thank you.


I have visited Moulin Rouge today, excellent massage with best girls. I send my kisses to Lilya, from her Mishka :) Hope to visit again.


Hi, Mishka) Thanks you for so pleasant review) Lilya thanks you too and waiting for you next time) Your Moulin Rouge. KISSES


hi, i will come to Kiev and i need your location and i want to come to your location and is it sex message available in your salon and how much ?


Hi, John. We situated on Pavlovska 17, entrance #3, App, 86. But when you will be on address, better call us by # +380970256161 we 'll explain you how to find us there) We have great erotic body massage from 500 per 1 hour till 3000 per 2,5 hour program with 2 girls, lesbian show and djakuzi)


Great place. Clean and very warm and welcoming. Figure out where it is before you go or call when you get close so you don't show up late like me and keep the sweet young gal waiting. No gimmicks. Definitely worth your time if you're traveling in the city with the most beautiful women in the world! Highly recommend!!


Hi , Vic ) You can not imagine how much means to us your pleasant words ) Thank you for responsiveness ) We are pleased to welcome you to visit many more times )


Dear Sirs,
will you please confirm that massage to leave-whole night is a sort of VIP program extended to 8 hours at my place.
thanks a lot


Hi, dear) It is possible) Fust call us on number +380970256161
We will do everything to give you a pleasant)

Piyush Gaur

Can you please the complete process through out the day for " Massage To Leave (whole night, 10 hours) ".I want to know more about this session.


Hi, dear) Everything you want to ask we will explain more detaly by the phone 380970256161 )


How much for complete massage with 2 girls during 90 minutes ?



Hi)it will be cost 1425 uah)


Hi, how do I choose girl(s) for massasge if I come to you?


Hi, Johnny) When you ll come to our place, you meet with all of the girl and choose one you like more)


I couldn?t find you at paclovska 17 in the new apartment building


Hi) You couldnt found our place because we dont have sign(
Thats why next time call us when you will be on adress and we explain to you how to get to us)


Is it possible for you too come to my department for boddymassage on sunday 13, oround 21.oo?


Hello,Cenneth) Of course it s possible) Just call us by number 0970256161 and girl will come to your place anytime you want) We will be waiting for your call


Hello, is there any code or specific instruction to access your facilities?


Hi, Julian) If you want to invite our salon - jast call us by number 380970256161 and we will be waiting for you)


Bonsoir, ma question, est ce que certaines filles parlent le fran?ais ou l'allemand ou bien mon mauvais anglais suffirait?
Bonne ann?e


Hi, Jahsa) Our girls can speek in English) I m sure you will understand each other)


can some on contact in keiv?


Hi, Sushanta) You can call us anytime by the number 380970256161 ) We are waiting for you call)

mahaveer gadiya

i am planning visit Kiev around 23 RD NOV 2013. Kindly let me know services and charges


Hello, Mahaveer Gadiya) All answers we can give you when you call us on number 38097 025 61 61
We ll be waiting for your call))

Mr K


I plan to visit kiev in a few weeks and would like to know if all the ladies I see in the photos are available everyday? And at what hours you are open? I also would like to know which metro station is close to your location? Best.


Hello, Mr K) About the girls who works that day when you want to come - we can tell you on number 380970256161
We ll be waiting for your call))



Which ladie(s) really like to play Mistress and dominate man? What is the price for this service?


Hi, Os) All the girl can do this proggram and do this very well)) So you can choose the girl you like more) See you soon)


Does anyone there speak English if I want to book a time?