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Massage for couples

Massage for couples: Making this massage, our mistresses do not simply envelop each partner individually with a cloud of the sweetest caresses, but so that both a man and a woman experienced unity when enjoying the massage.

Massage for ladies

A special program for ladies performed, upon your discretion, by one or two naked girls or a young man, or a girl and a young man – you will be able to choose it yourself. This program is based on a body massage, generally with an accent on caressing erogenous zones and genitals.


Striptease is one of the varieties of the erotic dance. A passionate beauty will present you the unforgettable show capable to cause an unspeakable storm of pleasant emotions and passion overfilling, in their turn, the inner world when watching this colourful performance. The “Moulin Rouge” erotic massage salon only will give you a possibility to watch this spectacular dance which will not leave neither soul, nor body indifferent. This is the best striptease in Kyiv!

Show cocktail

Neither will you remain indifferent after the erotic bathing. A girl not only helps you to take a shower, she soaps you and starts caressing you with all her body as if she is a bath sponge. Not a single centimetre of your body will be left unattended. Such spicy beginning allows getting ready for an erotic massage session, and, if desired, to get sexual satisfaction in the very beginning of the massage.



Do you want to feel like a guilty student? A subordinate failing to carry out a task of the boss? A boy punished by a strict mother? Then this program is especially for you!

Foot fetish

Of course, everything is beautiful in a woman, though each man singles out for himself particularly attractive parts of a body of the fair sex representatives: breasts, hair, belly, bottom or, for instance, legs. It is admirers of one of the most graceful and exciting elements of the woman’s body for whom the “Foot fetish” massage is dedicated.

Prostate massage

 The prostate massage is often prescribed for men with weak potency. In medical institutions this isn’t a really pleasant procedure, this is why men look for other ways of solving the problem, namely: the prostate massage to be performed by a beautiful girl – it is both pleasant and healthy!

Body massage

What is a body massage? The name speaks for itself. The massage is performed by a charming naked girl. A session starts with a classic massage which gradually turns into the erotic one, after your body is completely relaxed thanks to petrissage, pressure, rubbing and effleurage constituting classic massage.

Lesbian show

You must have dreamt to see with your own eyes two heavenly beautiful girls caressing each other.